SSR approved inspection


For almost five hundred years, we Sotare have been at the service of the Swedish people. The preventative fire protection we provide has been – and still is – one of the community's foremost in fighting fireplace-related fires. You who have chosen one of Sotaren's inspection packages according to SSR APPROVED have taken a good step on the way to creating better security at home. And getting a good night's sleep isn't just about safety. We also work for your comfort and wallet.


Sweden's chimney sweep´s have been inspecting fireplaces and chimneys for a long time. It is a large and natural part of the sooters' business. In order to better meet the demands of customers and society, we within Sweden's National Association of Chimney Sweepers have developed the industry standard SSR APPROVED INSPECTION.

SSR APPROVED INSPECTION has several purposes. First of all, it is a quality assurance of the execution. The surveyors shall assess equally, carry out the inspection equally and report equally. Then there is an increase in quality. There are many things that can cause a fire. But what the soots can prevent, it must also be prevented.

  • SSR APPROVED INSPECTION may only be carried out by companies that are affiliated to Sweden's National Association of Chimney Sweepers.
  • Only trained chimney sweep technicians who have undergone training in SSR APPROVED INSPECTION may perform inspections according to the industry standard.