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Radon is a radioactive gas that forms naturally in the bedrock when radium decays. Long-term exposure to radon gas increases the risk of developing lung cancer. The Radiation Safety Authority estimates that radon in homes causes around 500 cases of lung cancer per year in Sweden, and it is mainly smokers who are affected.

Radon can enter buildings from the ground, building materials or domestic water. Radon is the source of radiation that provides the highest exposure to ionizing radiation to the general public. The only way to detect radon is to measure. The radon level should be measured for at least two months between October 1 and April 30.


It is possible to lower the radon level in a house. The measures depend on the type of radon to be combated. Sometimes it can be enough to improve the existing ventilation or to seal cracks in floors and pipe penetrations.

The presence of radon is measured with instruments, trace films or water samples. At Skrået, we carry out measurement, consultation and measures. You will receive a proposal for action with a price statement. We then carry out follow-up to see that the measure has yielded results.

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