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Mandatory ventilation control


We help you get a better indoor environment with mandatory ventilation control. We inspect the technical parts of the ventilation system and also propose measures to reduce energy use for ventilation, without causing a worse indoor climate. Regardless of who uses the building, it is the owner's responsibility to live up to the legislation. The check must be carried out against set minimum requirements for air flows and function.

A satisfactory indoor environment is part of the Housing Authority's set environmental quality target "Good built environment", where ventilation control and energy use play an important role. The goal is for all buildings where people stay frequently to have documented functioning ventilation by 2015 at the latest. 


Our inspection engineers are certified to perform function checks. At each inspection, the functional inspector keeps a record. A copy of the protocol is given to the owner of the building and a copy is sent to the municipality's building committee. The function inspector issues a certificate with the date of the inspection, which the building's owner must post clearly in the building, for example in the entrance. 

The municipality's building committee is the supervisory authority and monitors that OVK is complied with and that the inspection engineer performs his work correctly. If the building's owner does not comply with the rules on OVK, or fails to remedy alleged deficiencies, the municipality can, with the support of the Planning and Building Act (PBL), order the owner to take measures.

The ventilation inspection is carried out at intervals of three or six years, depending on the business and type of ventilation system.


Good indoor air
Satisfied tenants
Good operating economy
More efficient staff
Easier learning in schools


Förskolor, skolor, vårdlokaler och liknande med S, F, FX-ventilation – 3 år Förskolor, skolor, vårdlokaler och liknande med FT, FTX-ventilation – 3 år Flerbostadshus, kontorsbyggnader och liknande med FT, FTX-ventilation – 3 år Flerbostadshus, kontorsbyggnader och liknande med F, FX, S-ventilation – 6 år En- och tvåbostadshus med FX, FT, FTX-ventilation – endast kontroll för nybyggnad / nyinstallation

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