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To think about when the Chimney Sweeper comes to visit


För att hålla kostnaderna nere är det bra om sotaren får tillträde aviserad dag och tid. För återbesök till fastighet som ej kan sotas planerad dag och tid, uttas en extra inställelseavgift enligt sotningstaxan. När du får meddelande om att sotning kommer att utföras är det bra om du hjälper till med följande saker innan sotaren kommer

Set up a ladder. The property owner is responsible for ensuring that ascent and movement on the roof can take place in a safe manner (e.g. ladders clear of snow and ice). Therefore, check that the ladders on the roof are secure and that slip protection is mounted at the eaves next to the roof ladders, so that the ground ladders cannot slide sideways. In winter it is good if it is shoveled up to the ground level.

Move away carpets and furniture and cover fragile surfaces and floors up to and around the fireplace.

Make sure there is plenty of space around the thing to be swept. Remove fragile items around the fireplace.

Place some newspapers by the fireplace and take out a non-flammable vessel with a lid, to put the soot into.

During fire safety inspection the entire flue is checked, both outside and inside. This means that even ventilation must be available at the time of inspection as well as all other spaces through which the chimney passes.


Wood- and pellet-fired heating boilers have to be extinguished and cooled so that sweeping can be carried out. This of course also applies to other fireplaces such as wood stoves, tiled stoves, wood stoves, etc.

Notify as soon as possible of a changed fuel type or equivalent measure that affects the sooting deadline. This also applies if you stop firing or before you start firing again.

In case of move or change of ownership of a property, please notify Sotningskontoret of this!

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